Meet our Local Producers!

We believe in supporting our areas farmers and small businesses, while providing our customers with high quality, organic and natural products.  In addition to organic fruit and veggies, we have fresh local eggs, goat cheese, honey, and much more, including soaps and body care products and herbal tinctures.  

The following list includes some of our regular local producers, and we often have much more than what is listed here!

Crandall's Coffee Roasters

Kettle Falls, WA  Jerrad & Tara Crandall


Since 2003, Crandall Coffee has produced premium coffee using small batch techniques. We are an independently owned, single family business, specializing in small batch, certified organic, single origin and premium blend roasted coffee.

"Located in Kettle Falls, WA, USA, we focus on supporting local businesses and investing in the communities we service. We are proud to continue the Great Pacific NW tradition of artisan coffee roasting, bringing the highest coffee quality and most advanced techniques to local communities.

We carefully select only the highest quality coffee from all over the world. Seeking sustainable relationships with coffee growers is a top priority for us and we seek to produce coffee that tastes great and benefits the lives of the growers and our customers alike. Our coffee is roasted upon order through a meticulous process, ensuring absolute quality and freshness."

You can find their coffee served fresh in our cafe or buy it by the pound in our bulk and grocery aisles.

coffee bag.png

Rivers Edge Ranch

Chewelah , WA Ian & Jennifer Sather


 "River's Edge Ranch is your source for local, naturally & ethically raised grass-fed Beef, Lamb & Goat.  Our family takes pride in the products we produce; all meat is grown with the highest quality care & feeds.

We pay attention to the details to provide you with Beef, Lamb & Goat that is not only delicious but nutritious.  All meat is lovingly grown using natural processes and without any known GMO ingredients*.

*Products are not certified Non-GMO, we grow the food we want to feed our family and make every effort to keep it free of unwanted contaminants and genetically modified ingredients. 

Flat Creek Farm

Kettle Falls , WA Julie & Chad Butorac


"One of our great passions is FOOD!  Not just any food either, but those that are rich, flavorful, and make your body feel good.  So much of what is mass produced and then sold at grocery stores today is unhealthy and doesn't even compare with the flavor of home grown food.  Have you ever tasted a strawberry right out of the garden and then bit into a storebought one?  The difference is like night and day!  Sadly, this is the direction that large scale agriculture has taken our food.  Our hope is to bring to you great food - rich in flavor and free of all the shortcuts that diminish much of the fruits, veggies, and meats that fill grocery stores today."


Meadowlark Farm

RICE, WA John & Michelle Progar


"Our 5 acre farm is situated in the mountainous country of northeast Washington, a few miles from the Columbia River. With our devotion to organic principles, attention to detail, and a desire to provide our customers with the freshest and best tasting possible, we grow a diverse seasonal array of certified organic vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, and strawberries."  

Click here to read the article on Meadowlark from our Summer 2013 newsletter. 

 Riverview Orchard

KETTLE FALLS, WA John & Janet Crandall 


 John & Janet Crandall grow acres of fruit trees that keep them busy through the entire season- starting with cherries and apricots and swiftly moving into their main crop, peaches, as the summer heats up. They finish the season with Apples and an extensive collection of Pear varieties.



Burnt Valley Farm

CHEWELAH, WA The Thompson Family


Burnt Valley Farm focuses on pasture-raised beef, poultry and eggs. On the Thompson farm you'll find such contraptions as an "Egg-mobile" and the "Chicken Tractor".  These mobile units keep their chickens constantly feeding on fresh, green pastures which means the birds are healthy and happy. At Meyers Falls we carry their fresh eggs year-round and whole chickens when available, typically late May through October.

Lakeview Organics

KETTLE FALLS, WA Joe Petrucelli & crew


China Bend Winery & Victory's Organic Gardens

NORTHPORT, WA The Israel family


China Bend is the area's only certified organic vineyard and winery. All their wines are produced from grapes grown on site and are made without the use of sulfites.  China Bend is also home to Victory's organic gardens.  Victory has long been known for her amazing gardens!  "Her dedication to organic techniques yields fruits and veggies of uncompromising quality and exquisite flavor. Victory grows all of the ingredients for our "Victory's Organic Gardens" food products on the premises.  Her specialty is salsa, but she also crafts delicious homemade jams, jellies, pickles and preserves from the garden!"

Fruitland Valley Vineyard & Winery 

Fruitland, WA Benson Family  FruitlandValleyVineyard

Wine Maker Brian Benson and wife, Kathy, have always had a passion for wine making, as they have been making wine for 35 years and dreamt of developing an agricultural business in the area. In 2012, they dove straight into growing a vineyard with their daughter and son-in-law, Leah and John, and planted 7,000 vines overlooking the Columbia River in Hunters, WA. There are a total of nine grape varietals grown, and five years after starting their vineyard they are very proud to offer their first vintage. Available now are a 2015 Riesling, 2015 Malbec, and 2015 Merlot.

Black Horse Hill Farm

ADDY, WA Denise & Rolland (509) 935-0667


"We are a couple of retirees reinventing ourselves as poultry hobbyiest, gardeners, and permaculturists. As part of our larger picture, we are experimenting with using heritage breeds of poultry to provide meat, eggs, excavation, fertilization and clean-up. Multiple functions for one element, multiple elements for one function."

The mission at Black HIll Horse Ranch is to further the concept of wholesome local food, produced in an environmentally sound eco-friendly, closed loop system. Experimenting with becoming self-sufficient and resilient to outside forces.

Quillisascut Farm

RICE, WA Rick & Lora Lea Misterly


"For thirty-two years Rick and Lora Lea Misterly (that's me) have been living the Slow Life, growing Quillisascut Farm™. We started out with a bare piece of ground; gradually over time we built a home, a farmstead, a cheese business and a school to share our love for all things farm to table."

northern ales.jpg

Northern Ales

KETTLE FALLS, WA Steve & Andrea Hedrick


Barreca Vineyards

Rice, WA Joe Barreca


"When I moved to Rice, Washington, in 1986,   I got some grape plants from a friend and started a vineyard.  I discovered that I loved growing grapes.  You make wine out of grapes because they get twice as sweet as most fruit.  Not only do you not need sugar, it is considered very bad form to add it to grape wine.  Over the years I have come to believe that refined sugar is a poison.  I also found that nearly all of the chemicals often added to wine, or used to control pests and weeds in the vineyard are both unnecessary and poisonous.  So I learned to grow grapes and make wine organically and without sulfites."